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North River Mint

Creators and manufacturers of cabinet knobs and pulls in eight popular categories that appeal mostly to those  seeking something luxurious and different from  the ordinary "me too" designs found in big box stores.  All NRM products are handmade in the U.S. of lead free fine pewter which is important if there are children below the age of ten in the home. Most cabinet hardware is not  lead free particularly if it comes from offshore. It's cheaper to buy but the higher price can show up in later life lowered I.Q.s. by as much as 10 points. Infants like to handle "shiny things" and after handling their fingers always go into their mouths and that's the danger. Lead free costs more but it's worth the difference. Kitchen cabinet hardware of "different" luxury quality.


Corrine applying finishing touches to a sculpture.

Corrine and her partner/husband Harvey are ex New Yorkers where they were both in business before moving to California.  She as a well known successful sculptor in a Madison Ave. gallery where her work was sold to hundreds of Hollywood notables  and  high profile leaders. 

Her work was also featured in Tiffany's windows and a life-size bronze statue is the  centerpiece of an Art Deco park on Wilshire Blv'd  in L.A. Harvey was the owner of an ad agency in the Gramercy Park area of NYC. Her genre was the "Roaring Twenties Flappers," all cast in bronze. The glamorous girls of the period known for loose morals as portrayed in "The Great Gatsby". In 1996 Corrine turned her attention to the creation of NRM. She personally sculpted every design in the collection and they're all cast in the U.S.A. in lead-free fine pewter. Her designs of he "Farmhouse" category as noted in a decorator magazine are a standout in any luxurious kitchen turning it into a mini museum.

Cabinet hardware handmade, U.S.,luxurious snazzy appeal.

NRM has an unimagineable collection of 8 award winning categories. Please check description below

"Southwestern" cabinet knobs and pulls, Many with turquoise applications

"Farmhouse Colonial", over70  knobs  with some extraordinary knob designs that are well-suited in a luxury home.

such as a coffee grinder knob, breadbox,syrup pitcher and so much more, it just goes on and on.

"Japanese" style cabinet knobs that have been acclaimed in major decorating magazines everywhere. Many designs are from ancient times such as Samurai sword hilt wrapping shops.  In  ancient times many Japanese were illiterate and there was a real necessity for graphic descriptive information outside the stores.

"Wild Animals of North America" about twenty game animals including a few you would never shoot plus exotic birds presented as left and right images. Corrine's attention  to detail is quite amazing.

"Biblical knobs perfect in kid's rooms. sculptured and engraved with important episodes indicated as reflected in Bible stories. It helps instill interest.

"Roaring Twenties" flapper girl knobs from the twenty three skidoo era of Al Capone. Beautiful girls, beautiful knobs  of the faces. Luxurious and appealing in any bedroom, powder room or bordello.

"Contemporary collection" about thirty or more that should satisfy any taste for escapees from boring designs."

"Coordinated" knobs and pulls for the cabinet door and drawer. A wonderful suggestion for creating that certain "look that friends will admire and be jealous." A picture of an example is on our Contemporary category.

NORTH RIVER MINT has been in business since 1996 and is still managed by  Corrine a former NYC sculptor of bronze (flapper girls) the rambunctious youth of the "twenties."and Harvey,  former owner of a NYC ad agency.  Her sculptures were displayed in a popular Madison Ave. Gallery where hundreds were sold to many notable names both here and abroad until the owners death forced a closing.  Corrine sculptures were also displayed in "Tiffany's" windows for a period of time and a life size bronze  sculpture is the centerpiece of a  Los Angeles park. Seventeen of her girls are a part of this collection as cabinet knobs of the heads only. It was at this time she created the NRM collection and never stopped. She sculpted every knob and they're hand cast in fine pewter in the U.S.A. Harvey handles the headaches which are endemic to any creative operation. Every knob is inspected before shipping and we can proudly say we have never had a return for quality reasons.

Always reachable at 760-755-7951  P.S.T. 9AM-6PM

NRM cabinet hardware is not found in any stores, we only sell direct. It's our way of keeping prices as palatable as possible without middlemen.


Finest luxury